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Pusthakamlo Konni Pagelu Pagelu Missing: Directed by Sajid Qureshi.
Vijay Kumar (Shri), Shiva, This is the story of "Pusthakam lo Konni Pagelu Missing".
Year: 2014
Size: 63 min.
Production: Sharat Film, Lahore, Pakistan
Genre: drama, melodrama, history.
Fate and meanness are sometimes given in advance, simply because you dont know when they will have to return. In advance, so that we can live in our right, right, cause, struggle, fighting, surviving, and in order to finally find the peace that we dream of and that comes when you give everything you could ... Or ...
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Ordinary Indian people live their ordinary lives, and only small hardships bring them anxiety. But when, suddenly, the waters of the river overflow their banks, the fishermen fall into a trap, breaking out of which they can lose their lives. In the company of their blood relatives, Ravi, Sanan and Majud, the men try to gather relatives who are in trouble in order to get out of a predicament together, but just from that moment trouble begins ...
Good and not bad movie. But not a masterpiece. fe70933767